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Broodlord and 3 dragons bite the dust !

MmBoKo / Feb 18, 2020
Tonight was the night of the second adventure of the EndGamers inside the Black Wing Lair, which continued the progress following the first one. The amazing raid leading and the amount of effort, passion and dedication every single one of the raiders put out in it leaded to a very successful raid that ended with another 3 bosses biting the dust. Even the fact that some of the core raiders had to drop out straight before the raid due to real life issues and left only 34 brave "endgamers" to accomplish the task of passing the suppression rooms along with the Broodlord and then the technichan packs with the dragons straight after them didn't brought down the guild spirit and only the time "saved" Flamegor going under the ground as well. Luckily for him....

Ah reset is close and the adventure restarts. Fresh and prepared we go there again but this time... we are going to rip this place off ! ALL OF IT !

To everyone that attended tonights raid - well played ! Amazing job !
To the ones visiting the website that are not part of the guild - If you want to experience the same thing, if you strive for progression, if you are passionate and dedicated player that is looking for a home, be sure to fill out an application and next time you might be with us !

Part 2: The reset came and a big improvement is already noticeable ! full 40 raid with 6 bosses down in 2 hours ! The last 2 are surelly going down next raid as we managed to have some nice tries on Chromagus as well... !


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