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**Who are we?**

<Endgame> (5/6 SSC & 3/4 TK) is a semi-casual guild that's been around since day 1 of Classic and was the oldest guild on Skullflame realm which sadly died. While other guilds have been going through mergers & loot drama, we've had the same raiding core for the last almost 2 years. We might not be the #1 speed-runnning guild on the server but you're sure to get some good laughs with us in a stable raiding enviourment.
We are looking for dedicated and active players to fill a few spots opened due to the migration. Your willingness to improve is paramount. You don't have to be the worlds best WoW player but you must work on improving yourself.
We firmly belive you can have a "casual" approach to raiding and still do well.

To solidify our core raiding team we are looking for:

Raid team:
1 x Mage
1 x Shadow Priest
1 x Holy Priest

Currently open for all classes and levels

*All exceptional applicants will be considered as well regardless of recruitment status.*

**What do we offer?**

1. Knowledgeable leading
2. Healthy atmosphere and helpful environment.
3. Regular raiding and clearing content
4. Fair loot distribution
5. Quality guild video content
6. Weekly GDKP and Softres runs hosted by Endgame outside official raid days.

**What we expect from you?**

A mature attitude, if you're some ultra tryhard who hate on other people for not parsing 99 on all bosses then we're not the guild for you, but...being casual does not mean being slacky. You will be required to put the needed amount of effort for the raids and performance will be monitored.
We do not tolerate drama creators, if you cannot accept that loot will come in time then please find another guild with loot council.

**Loot system: **

We run EPGP system.

**Raid schedule:**

Thursday: 20:30 – 23:30
Sunday: 20:30 – 23:30

If you like what you have read above and think EndGame guild is a place for you, we highly encourage you to fill in a quick application here at our website

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us with one of the following methods:
- Via our guest forum on the webside
- In game by messaging any Officer online: Kalosia, Iraniator or any of the Team Leaders: MmBoKo, RiverSpirit, Lehctim, Phaet, Callopski or Sluggy

- Via Discord:

- Via our PUG Discord

We hope to see YOU on board !

Regards !

P.S. Recruitment status meanings:
Closed = only exceptional players are accepted
Open = Everyone can be accepted (no commitment to gear, raid xp etc)
Low = we need 1 or 2 of the current class (raid geared and ready to rumble)
High = we need 2-3 of the current class (raid geared and ready to rumble)
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